Mission Statement

In many real world applications there is a profound need for solutions and systems which feature flexibility, adaptation capacity, as well as large scale data and knowledge processing capability. Since its launch during the fall of 2006, the CompSys lab aims to advance R&D towards meeting these challenges by conducting both fundamental and industrial research, leading to the development of methods and systems which process and exploit information, manage digital and engineering assets, offer knowledge management and decision aid tools, employing smart techniques to deliver solutions to real problems. It belongs to the Intelligent Systems and Multimedia research stream at ATHENA/ILSP. The research stream is involved in research work, solution development and prototype production that successfully and intelligently integrate devices, data, information and media content, while placing people in the loop, in demanding everyday application settings. Such systems and solutions can make extensive use of computational intelligence, smart human- machine interfaces, algorithms for data processing and mining, multimedia and content processing technologies, as well as knowledge extraction and management techniques.

Research & Development

Computational Intelligence

Urban & Industrial Computing Technologies

Applications Areas

Evolutionary algorithms
Neural and fuzzy systems
Statistical & machine learning
Multi-criteria optimisation
Single / collective intelligence
Feature selection
Data & decision analysis
Context analysis
Knowledge management

Ambient intelligence
Applied mobile computing
Context-adaptive computing
Smart interfaces
Learning technologies
Perception & robotics
Urban & industrial information systems
Wireless sensor networks

Condition monitoring
Decision support systems
Document & image processing
Digital guidance
Engineering asset management
e-Learning & competence assessment
Prognostics and Health Management





WelCOM: Wireless Sensor Networks for Engineering Assets Lifecycle Optimal Management; Large-Scale Collaborative Research Project Funded by the General Secretariat for Research & Technology, Budget: 1.97m€ WelCOM

myVisitPlanner: Personalised System for Cultural Itineraries Planning; Collaborative Research Project, Funded by the General Secretariat for Research & Technology, Budget: 420k€.

Polytropon: ATHENA Research Centre conducts research on advancing the current state of play in Content Analytics and Embodied Multimodal Communication (project Polytropon). Part of the research is concerned with methods for improving aspects of multi-modal interaction between humans and robots in everyday human activities.

U-COM – Urban COMmputing: Intelligent Computational Tools, Devices & Systems in Urban Environments.


InnoPro, INNOvation in PROduction: A regional perspective on innovation drivers for SMEs and the NMP role; FP7 CSA project, (co-ordinator for ATHENA); project co-ordinated by LMS/University of Patras. InnoPro co-organised the Industrial Technologies 2014 event.

CORECT: Common Religious Cultural Pathways; Territorial co-operation Collaborative Research Project, Funded by the Territorial Co-operation Management Authority, Budget: 694.225€.

ATRIUM: Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XX° Century in Urban Management, Funded by the South East Europe Programme, Budget: 1.932m€.

iLearn2Main, (, Industrial Training System for Modern Enterprise Maintenance. EU DG Education and Culture, UK National Leonardo Authority. Budget: 398k€. iLearn2Main

SmartIn2: Smart & Adaptive Human-Computer Interaction in Industrial Environments, Transfer of Innovation Project with ATLANTIS Engineering SA, funded through the General Secretariat for Research & Technology, Budget: 8.6k€

Digital Municipality – «Training of elected local government officials in Digital Cities Technologies», Information Society, Budget: 93.4k€

Design and Development of Infokiosk-based server/client software with content management system for the dissemination of cultural & educational content – sub-project of the Cultural Heritage Dept. project 'Interactive Multimedia Applications for the Arta Archaelogical Museum', CompSys budget: 7.9k€.

Document image layout analysis; Skew correction in digital document images: projects funded by the 'Excellence in GSRT Research Institutions' funds, CompSys budget: 22k€.

Virtual Guide. Intelligent and Multimedia-rich Navigation in Museum & Exhibition Spaces using Wireless Technologies. Funding: General Secretariat for Research & Technology, Greece, (in collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Department, which was responsible for the Cultural Heritage part of the project), Budget: 607k€.