Ancient Greek Pottery Experimental 3D Dataset

This (still under development) software can be used to model 3D vessels with handles based on profile images. It can also generate random vessels based on contolled randomisation methods. qp is a software tool which might benefit people not related to technology and particular to 3D modelling.

It is a simplistic 3D pottery generation platform which can produce 3D vessels.

It contains a Dauglas-Peuker Simplification algorithm, Hermite Cubic Spline implementation(controlled through a GUI) and a custom triangulation algorithm. It's source code (Borland Delhi 6.0) and executable can be downloaded by clicking here. (Password protected ZIP file)

It can be used to automatically generate a 3D vessel database with metadate compatible with the MPEG-7 standard which can be used as a ground-truth database for the development of content based descriptors.

The following are some 3D pottery data sets (without textures) that have been produced with qp in order to be used as a ground-truth database applicable for testing content based 3D retrieval algorithms. Each category contains 50 similar vessels with metadata that follow the ThreeDVDS schema that also contains the MPEG-7 3D Shape Spectrum Descriptor.

There is also a second data set of the same objects but this time they are further more proccessed so that they carry both noise and continuity errors that are usually found in 3D scanned vessels. The thumbnails below depict this dataset

All zip files are password protected at the moment. Please email me if you interested in downloading these datasets.
Categories of Ancient Greek pottery (3D Vessels in VRML 2.0 format)

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