Welcome to the experimental content based retrieval search engine for 3D pottery. The search engine is based on PHP technology and on the native XML database eXist. For the diagrams presented the jpgraph is used.

You can experiment with the system by selecting one of the options available on the top menu. The system uses our VMBA descriptor while the metadata being stored in the database are MPEG-7 compatible. Additionally, If you cannot see the total number of vessels at the bottom of the website then the database is offline for maintenance. The experimental search engine supports both content based and metadata based retrieval methods.

Some of them are :

Retrieve-only-digitised models
Retrieve-only-textured models

Please note that for copyright reasons the 3D models cannot be accessed through this website. Retrieval results are restricted to 2D rendered thumbnails.

Additional material related to this project can be found in the following links.

This work is part of the 03ED679 research project, implemented within the framework of the “Reinforcement Programme of Human Research Manpower” (PENED) and co financed by National and Community Funds (25% from the Greek Ministry of Development - General Secretariat of Research and Technology and 75% from E.U.- European Social Fund).

The authors would like to acknowledge and thank the Cultural Heritage Unit of the Cultural and Educational Technology Institute/R.C. ‘Athena’ for their support in this work, Dr. Horn-yeu Shiaw, Prof. Robert Jacob and Prof. Gregory R. Crane from the Computer Science Department of Tufts University, the Centre of Advanced Spatial Technologies of the Hampson Museum, Carlos Hernandez Esteban and Francis Schmitt from Telecom Paris for providing us their 3D vessel collections.