:: Exploring 3D scenes using keywords ::

Using the search engine
The search engine requires that your Web browser is WebGL enabled. If this is not true then the system will not be able to transfer you directly in a point of interest within the 3D scene. The rest of the search engine's functionallity will be there.

Guidelines of query format
Keywords separated with space and placed in quotation marks are considered with the 'and' operator. On the other hand, keywords separated with space and no quotations marks are expressed using the 'or' operator.
  i. Query examples
 i. "mansion arcade" corresponds to mansion and arcade
 ii. church belfry concrete corresponds to church or belfry or concrete
  ii. Predefined queries are the following
 i. Build between start year and end year returns everything defined to have been built between the given limits
 ii. Materials used a b c d returns everything defined to have been built with the given materials
  iii. Show all available content
 i. Just click the search button while leaving the text box empty.
3D Visualisation approach

  This version of 3DSSE uses the X3DOM framework for the visualisation of the 3D models thus no plug-in required.

Find out more about this search engine in the following paper:

A. Koutsoudis et al., 3DSSE - A 3D Scene Search Engine, Journal of Cultural Heritage, Vol. 13(2012), pp 187-194.

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